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Eamonn D.

“Compassionate, sincere, spiritually gifted and generous of spirit and heart, describes the tutoring and spiritual counseling of Peggy Tierney.  These qualities are why she is so loved, sought after and revered.”

Natalie L.

“I've been studying with Peggy for over a decade now and she continues to astound me with the quality and impact of her work. She's an amazing mentor with incredible energy.
Peggy's the real deal!”

Martha G.

“Every reading I have had with Peggy has been profoundly impactful in my personal journey of self-healing. She is accurate, insightful, and her energy is always so lovely. If you're looking for a great medium, look no further!”


“I have worked alongside Peggy Tierney for many years.  She is the consummate professional.  Her energy and spiritual gifts are evident to all who are graced by her presence.  The knowledge and expertise that she offers in her workshops comes from many years of studying with the best tutors at Arthur Findlay, along with continuous self development.  She is a healer, a reader, and a gifted teacher.  Everyone benefits from simply being in her company.  I love Peggy... and I treasure our friendship.”

Gilda C.

“Peggy is a gifted instructor, clearly devoted to her craft and generously shares her knowledge. Her class is very thorough and well organized.  It includes substantial material and handouts. Goals are clear. She is sensitive to your abilities and level, never judgmental. She demonstrates step by step, introducing you to materials and resources accordingly. She will gently but firmly encourage you out of your comfort zone to try your new skills. She provides a friendly, fun environment. I enjoyed this class very much and will be back for the Fall session.”

Sara H.

“Peggy Tierney is the real deal, an authentic gem! In a synthetic world, she is pure gold. 
I have known and worked with her for many years.  Her skills in mediumship, psychic counseling, and healing are top-notch. She has built upon her considerable talent by honing it by her numerous studies with wonderful teachers. Her intellectual and spiritual curiosity propels her to be a lifelong learner. 
She has always gone that extra mile for her clients and is always concerned, committed and highly ethical in her interactions with them. 
I feel so very lucky to have Peggy in my life!”

Barbara S.

“Peg Tierney is an excellent teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge about a variety of metaphysical studies. She is always very prepared and generously shares her information. It is obvious that Peg enjoys teaching. She is enthusiastic and her joy shines through!  It is an honor to be her student and I have greatly enjoyed each class that I have taken with her.”

Annette D.

“I took Peggy's Tarot Class- she made it very interesting and enjoyable for everyone. She was very knowledgeable about all the material she taught us, and made sure we all understand it. I walked away with so much information  on the Tarot, I found it very helpful! I can’t wait to take part 2 of this class she is giving in the fall.”

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