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Peggy Tierney's



A Mystic Forever in the Making


PEGGY TIERNEY’S introduction to the metaphysical world began during her early childhood.  Her psychic mother, Eileen, was an avid student of the occult and astrology and gave readings at the kitchen table using a deck of regular playing cards or the tea leaves left in your cup.  Telepathy games, Ouija boards and books filled with arcane and paranormal knowledge were the normal fare of the day.  Peggy has since picked up the ancestral torch and continues on this exciting journey mapped out years ago by her mother’s influence.


Peggy was an original member of The Collective Healing Network and has worked publicly in mediumship demonstrations.  For more than a decade, she hosted psychic development, healing, and mediumship circles in her home along with a monthly metaphysical book club.


Peggy continues to offer a variety of development classes and is available for psychic and mediumistic readings for individuals and groups.


In her free time,  Peggy takes great pleasure in her Celtic spirituality studies, dabbling in flower essences, developing her cartomancy  skills, and creative writing.

Credentials and Experience

PEGGY TIERNEY’S metaphysical education spans over twenty years with a 

co-mingling of intensive, in-depth book study and experiential teachings of the psychic arts.  Her thirst for arcane knowledge along with the deep desire to continually perfect her psychic, mediumistic, healing, shamanic, and divination skills has set her on the path of the eternal student.


Peggy has attended extensive classes, workshops, lectures, retreats and conferences.  In addition to certifications from Silva Mind Control and The Metaphysical Center of New Jersey’s 13-level program, she considers herself very fortunate to have studied and continues to study with the best and brightest instructors at The Journey Within Church in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey; The Inner Quest Foundation, Victoria, British Columbia; and the Arthur Findlay College, located in Stansted, England.


Services Offered

*Prices are subject to change*



Receive information regarding yourself and your personal life. Session includes a recording at no extra cost.

Session time: 90 Minutes

Mediumship Reading


Mediumship connects you with your deceased loved ones in the Spirit Realm. 

Also includes a recording at no extra cost.

Session time: 90 Minutes



A silent, hands-on session receiving spiritual energy for the balancing of self.


Session time: 40 Minutes

Undecided on what reading you want?
Have a Combo Session: 1/2 Psychic, 1/2 Mediumship


The best of both worlds! Feel free to bring photos of your loved ones living or deceased - photos on phones accepted. 

Session time: 90 Minutes

Latest Workshops

Upcoming Workshops & Classes


"Compassionate, sincere, spiritually gifted and generous of spirit and heart, describes the tutoring and spiritual counselling of Peggy Tierney.  These qualities are why she is so loved, sought after and revered."

Eamonn D.

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